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Clonker Board ideas to get you started!

Developing or introducing the power and excitement of sound and vibration with a clonker board with a child, or group of children, adds an extra element to your repertoire of activities with children who may be ‘hard to reach’ 

The Semi-Formal Curriculum Structure – Fountaindale School, Mansfield

A Play Route Map Planner – Fountaindale School, Mansfield

Reflections on the Rochford Review with particular regard to pupils with SEND – Richard Aird, OBE.

In 2014 The Commission for Assessment without Levels (CAWL 2015) began a major review of statutory assessment arrangements for pupils in England. The subsequent report contained a number of negative observations about the relative value of assessing pupils by reference to national curriculum levels.

The Rochford Review Recommendations: An analysis.

Firstly, a slight warning; these are recommendations not definites. Other previous government sponsored reviews have made recommendations that have not been carried through – The Salt Review of 2010 recommended distinct teacher training for SLD and PMLD for example.